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Hey, guys! If you like my art, why not check out my biggest passion project, Butterfly Blues? It's an epic, post-apocalyptic webcomic with a positive outlook on the future of humanity. Plus, the main cast is primarily trans and non-binary. Not to mention most of the people working on it!

(fair warning: it does get very gorey at times, but there are warnings for it!!)

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Hello, I'm Spoony, and this is my fursona, Lu! I'm glad I finally have an official reference for them, and they feel like a fully-realized creation :blobcat:

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when ur just so goddamn stressed, ur period won't actually go away, it's just eternal

I forgot I drew this!!! I can make this a YCH, too! If you'd be interested, my commission info is here ==>

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fiddlin w some instruments and talkin about future streams!!

Some more stickers done for @teez !! If you're interested in commissioning telegram stickers from me, my commission info is here ==>

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Sticker time 👀 If you'd be interested in Telegram stickers (or any other commissions from me), my prices and contact info are here ==>

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