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*slaps my soft ass body all over*

there aint no gender in here! none of this soft shit got a damned gender, sorry girls but this aint girly and it aint boyly either

folks tying being soft to being femme is wild cause yall aint never seen a bear huh

one day i really really wanna try oil painting

ive been outta pain meds for a week and my leg is really bad today and i really need some help. i’m about 100 short for the copay. im an disabled full time student, and on this day of trans viability, it would do this agender guy a massive favor

i draw and will draw for you

venmo: @ andymeat

ive been growing more and more weary of folks who instantly declare themself to be my friend cause these types always make a massive emotional demand and its so draining.

So now was a good time for someone whos just ignored me for a year solid to pop back into our main group chat and holy shit i had not realized how much she acts exactly like these types..

The most I used audacity for was to pitch my voice down and now I just kinda sound like what those recordings did and it's pretty cool

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man it really sucks when your body is like, considered an obscure internet fetish

folks been posting their living plushes and it made me wanna dust Razz off. tree kangaroo, they/them, extra tall

love me a good size diff, and that pocket is an infinite space pocket

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furry, explicit, illustration, kobold, trans porn, slime porn 

were all the nb folks at who are like, not gonna tell me about how cool it is to actually be a woman tho

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i deleted some posts cause i had a depression but i think im ok now

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