Furry art, nude 

Woke up to surprise art! Absolutely made my day.

Art by Nomax

Lewd furry art 

Please enjoy this shy cat whomst wish only to please.

Art by @[email protected] / fa: ilgrigio

Nude picture 

Took a picture out in the rain, but I am so obviously, undeniably fat that it's really difficult to post!


I dislike sounding like I'm fishing for compliments, but idk! Being big is hard. I hope you enjoy all the same ^^

Lewd furry art thoughts 

What does it mean if I want to commission art of one of my characters bullying the other? Makyo pinning Maddy to a bookshelf in a library, paw stuffed down the front of her pants, two fingers deep, just *daring* her to make a noise...

Lewd fursuit pic 

Playing around with a new phone tripod mount

Lewd gif, fursuit paw 

Sometimes dogs just get grabby, okay?

Lewd fursuit picture 

5.5 hours from receiving a suit to taking lewd pictures? Admirable restraint, I'd say

Outdoor lewd pic 

Sunny days and big toys.

And also shoes because fuck blackberries c.c

I'll have a vid later.

Lewd poll 

Combined with Twitter, looks like both!

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Lewd poll 

Twitter users have declared it National Horny Day. What should I do for it?

SW support and also lewd content 

Also! Reminder that I have full res pics/full length videos available if you show me a donation to a sex worker charity or a receipt for a payment to a small lewd content creator (with name blurred)!

Lewd poll 

Twitter users have declared it National Horny Day. What should I do for it?

Outdoor nudity pic 

If there's a better way to dry off, I don't know it

Pining for sexual fulfillment 

I got the vaccine, now, who's gonna come over and absolutely destroy me late May?

(I know it doesn't quite work like that.)

((That saaaid, if, say, someone was also vaccinated and still willing to be safe for a bit after to ensure neither of us are carriers... c.c))

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Supporting sex workers and also getting stuff from Maddy 

Okay, I think I'll do this for now. I have another two videos from today, a few more besides, plus high res pictures from everything so far. If you'd like access to that Nextcloud folder, show me a receipt for a donation to swopusa.org/ or a similar org!

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Outdoor nudes/lewd vid, birdsite link 

Unfortunately, my net's pretty limited at the moment, so I'm going to just link to the video I already uploaded there for now. I'll sort out another solution in a bit.

Was too nice today to not just play outside~ twitter.com/extrasoftsnep/stat

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