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here ya go 

being forced to tour an amazon warehouse today, not ready to be TF’d into an amazon ambassador

nsfw kinda suggestive dumb ad + joke 

cool my work's networking equipment is hijacking alternate DNS resolvers which blocks DNS over HTTPS

food - HAM CUBE 

who the fuck makes lifetime network movies

ngl super disappointed to find out that teenage engineering jacked the price on the OP-1 to $1.2k over $800 πŸ™ƒ

why look at porn when you could look for servers on

an algorithm to determine the appropriate and perfect chip to dip ratio every time

Boldly texting a manager for more leftover meeting food

I want a commission of me with a big fuckin steak in my mouth

what makes this frustrating and amusing is I’ve been talking with the β€œkey stakeholders” about a new phone system for months and they never mentioned this feature

and now ofc they want it implemented NOW, on the OLD SYSTEM, only a few months before we shell out for a completely new system

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cool apparently upper management is mad because we didn’t do something we were never told about. Classic

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