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i am so stressed this morning (my own fault) but i just hit play on my phone and it started playing the exact song my brain wanted to hear

i am making food and preparing to destress

trying to remember some commands - have this screenshot of my bash history from when i migrated us from wasabi to digitalocean CDN

i think it was a script to fix all the directory pathing or permissions in the CDN

learning the hard way that you should never leave an upgrade in an inconsistent state... being forced to pull our theme files and images from backup because i accidentally overwrote my upgrade staging area with the mastodon defaults

we will be having one more restart in a few minutes, should fix 99% of theming and bring back the Yiff button

sincerest apologies to anyone who shared that 3 minutes of stress with me where the instance timelines were blank. i had to restart the instance twice for the indexes to initialize

actually i think i figured it out. i ran into some upgrade problems and skipped the steps that would restore the themes... restoring now!

BTW when i say images, i just mean image customizations.

i do not see any current issues with image uploads... here is the proof

per the published announcement -

Instance Update - Y.L is now running v3.4.3 with some caveats. It has completely broken our custom theme and images. I will be trying to fix them today but the worst is past, we are now updated to the latest version!

something something watched pot never boils

watched database export never finishes

yes the instance is doing some weird things because i am waiting for the database dump to finish... everytime i hit post it throws a 500 error but still posts

taking a point in time database backup and restarting instance in 3 minutes

oh lordy it built successfully. i am a little nervous about restarting the instance lmfao

i am trying very hard to make sure the instance doesn't go down for thanksgiving lol

ok unfucked the dockerfile and its building again, more waiting time

report queue is cleared and I come back to a bombed out docker build :skyweary:

bin/bash: rails: command not found
ERROR: Service 'sidekiq' failed to build: The command '/bin/bash -o pipefail -c cd ~ && OTP_SECRET=precompile_placeholder SECRET_KEY_BASE=precompile_placeholder rails assets:precompile && yarn cache clean' returned a non-zero code: 127

taking out the nazi trash while the docker build compiles

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