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per the published announcement -

Instance Update - Y.L is now running v3.4.3 with some caveats. It has completely broken our custom theme and images. I will be trying to fix them today but the worst is past, we are now updated to the latest version!

something something watched pot never boils

watched database export never finishes

yes the instance is doing some weird things because i am waiting for the database dump to finish... everytime i hit post it throws a 500 error but still posts

taking a point in time database backup and restarting instance in 3 minutes

oh lordy it built successfully. i am a little nervous about restarting the instance lmfao

i am trying very hard to make sure the instance doesn't go down for thanksgiving lol

ok unfucked the dockerfile and its building again, more waiting time

report queue is cleared and I come back to a bombed out docker build :skyweary:

bin/bash: rails: command not found
ERROR: Service 'sidekiq' failed to build: The command '/bin/bash -o pipefail -c cd ~ && OTP_SECRET=precompile_placeholder SECRET_KEY_BASE=precompile_placeholder rails assets:precompile && yarn cache clean' returned a non-zero code: 127

taking out the nazi trash while the docker build compiles

for real attempting an update to v3.4.3 shortly

REALLY need to get this moved to a 20.04lts machine...

working on upgrading the instance to v3.3.0

Y’all if you’re going to report someone and DM me... please don’t tag the person you’re reporting in the DM

Is really the most active monthly user furry instance????

i live in chicago city limits and i still cant get fucking cookies delivered to my door. society has failed

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