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working on upgrading the instance to v3.3.0

Y’all if you’re going to report someone and DM me... please don’t tag the person you’re reporting in the DM

Is really the most active monthly user furry instance????

i live in chicago city limits and i still cant get fucking cookies delivered to my door. society has failed

xerox has so many bullshit terms and names in their documentation holy shit

do you know what its like spending half an hour trying to make mailgun SMTP work on an MFP printer, to give up and spend half an hour failing to get GSuite SMTP to work, only to realize that the firmware on the printer is probably *just* old enough to be missing support for either TLS1.2 or SHA-2 encryption and has no real way to indicate this πŸ™ƒ

hot take

crystal pepsi should be a continuously available thing


if anyone hadn't noticed media uploads are working again

Yiff.Life is currently having media upload issues as the result of issues with DigitalOcean SFO2. We will provide updates as they are available.

Still investigating reports of image upload issues!

why is it so hard for me to understand how to run a forked version of mastodon.... i can't figure out how to lift my repo up to the latest mastodon build

fuck git t b q h

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