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I will be upgrading the server to 3.2 and then attempt to migrate us to a new server running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with all the new bells and whistles.

instance admin thoughts, cw bad content 

Damn, Twitter machine broke... imagine if there was an alternative..............

horny bored 


bad emails but old news cw death threats and more 

nsfw shame 

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so i have a new LTS 20.04 box just about ready, but i need to figure out when i am going to do the DB cutover since that will require real downtime...

@blackcorvo @Amejisuto7 @Lazol i have added, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR sausage emoji, ranging from low-fi to hyper-realistic, for your sausage pleasures

:sausage_1: :sausage_2: :sausage_3: :sausage_4:

I this this is a wake up call to get us migrated to a new server and LTS version... has application registration open, as it always does

Moving instances? Not finding an instance you like? Why not start your own! No server experience needed (but community management experience helps!) 

for the new folks who are coming - is a much slower instance and i think that is to its benefit. welcome!

never forget that git is so complicated that i managed to accidentally push a change request to change "toots" to "yiffs" on the mainline mastodon branch

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