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food / gay 

out eating estrogen burgers with my girlfriend πŸ₯°πŸ’œ

what do you mean Culver’s is closed at 7am

Everyone on snouts has to go to @[email protected] , but @sky would never betray us that way πŸ‘€

NSFW art, F solo 

Jesus Christ these cops are acting like they own the place; one walked behind the counter to use the microwave

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Two cops walk into the 7-11 as I hold up a Paw Patrol dog plush and say β€œlook, fascism-lite!”

snouts dot online is a website ran by real professionals

nsfw / lewd fursona art redux (colored) 

Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

Someone save me from having to go to work plz

instance admins: how do you demote an admin

and no, this is not urgent and nobody is in trouble. trying to clean up some overdue stuff

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