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We trust you have been given the usual lecture by your system administrator. It usually boils down to three things:

1. Perfect is the enemy of good
2. Normalise asking people what the fuck they're talking about
3. Don't make friends with bullies or someday you'll end up alone in an echo chamber with them

nobody asked for this but these are all of Drossel’s designs and associated seasons

honestly it’s Goals that my photography and a fucking picture of me show up when you search “drossel von flugel”

a little shocked we're still on the latest mastodon release

this is me flexing. feel my power. tremble before my queens.

should post more of my photography tbh, who doesn't love robot ass

miku miku u can call me miku

20 20 rocking in the rear view

happy new year to all my wonderful friends, i know i dont talk to you all enough and i love you all

is this what happens when you sit on your design for years with no attempts at continuous improvement or long term plans? its harder to read, the layout is really funky and lacks focus

and the kicker? you can't even switch between the two designs. fuck you, you have to use the new design

Brought to you by the Yiff Life Foundation and the Corporation for Pupy Barkcasting

keep seeing some discord loading message that says "time to kick off the multi-core widening" or some shit but I keep thinking it says wedding and its a buncha computers getting married


complaining about ridiculous work shit 

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