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all I want for Christmas is a Chogokin Drossel figure..........

pol, extreme wealth 

YL Patreon Update: Just posted our latest financial breakdown. Check it out if you're curious or want to donate! It's definitely helpful as I already donate a lot of my spare time to this site and non-profit organizations.

High-value long-lasting self-care items are important.

what should i replace my GTX 980 with?

ideally $500 or under. i don't do anything heavy even though i love to overkill... also might want to stuff it into a mini itx case in the future

nsfw / yiff life history 

nsfw / yiff life history 

Image issue is fixed, CDN cert expired. It has been replaced with a 15 year CloudFlare origin cert. Much easier as long as we're with CloudFlare. Let's Encrypt behind Cloudflare is tricky so far as I can tell.

Working on image issue now. Work incident came up

Our CDN has an expired SSL certificate, I will be replacing it in the next 15 minutes with a 15 year CloudFlare cert

capitalism garbage 

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