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If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

can u believe nick became a cop and judy didnt just quit being a cop

It can have my desk, I’ll go hide in the bathroom

I saw a medium sized white spider on my desk and I lost it trying to safely catch it 😩😩😩

I saw Promare last night and it was fucking amazing

lmfao a coworker pulled up next to me at a light while I was blasting the Promare soundtrack and gave me A Look

Furry art, mildly nsfw, hrt, needle 

so that employee who I told would get all streaming banned if he didn’t stop streaming during lunch is right back to streaming, ok then, not my problem

If you've ever wanted emoji of your sona or something in particular for your Mastodon instance, Discord/Slack server or something else, I can make them!~

:shrug_g1: :hot_shit: :cat_smile_ms: :d20: :ferris_party: :game_boy: :weirder_earth: :open_inflatable_valve:

I thought this was spam but this message is not dangerous looks safe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

call to action re: MFF and That Hate Figure 

turns out my edgerouter x is filling the NAT table on my 5268ac with DNS requests and causing the piece of shit to crash. not sure why it would do it randomly all of the sudden and persist but cutting it out of the loop fixed the internet

A reminder that we have a Patreon to support Yiff.Life operation and development! It does cost money to run this server and my only goal is to get close to breaking even on server costs at this time.

i wish there was a technical support number I could call for my ISP that indicated I actually know how the internet works

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