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@sky sky starts a robot that makes 750,000 posts that all say "yiff"

Oh I’m stupid I meant half million. We are also half the active size of Snouts so is almost at a humble quarter million, but clearly our statuses are just that much more substantive :skyeyes:

@masanbol listen,,,, these pawbs,,,,,,,,, they cannot type

congrats to for hitting one million statuses :skyblep: @masanbol @Ace @Inazuma @GlitterDisaster 💜

you could not pay me to run proxmox on anything but a test lab

dumb question but is the instance slow for anyone else

me at @CoronaCoreanici over dinner: I’m not a bottomless pit to throw your nacho problems into

me, signing up for "Oh boy I sure can't wait to see all the furry porn!"

1,000 depressed trans lesbians, chanting in unison: "Communism! Communism! Communism! Communism!"


Masto admin block recommendation 

I can’t find hatsune miku at hot topic? There is no god

Finished emoji commission for @sky !

(I also made CMYK versions, but they're hard to visualise right in the same space as an RGB image, so they're not in this pic ^^')

Me: hey family please don’t do the dna tests and give all our genetic data to the corporations and governments

my family: haha fuck u we already did looooool

Ok, we are now running the latest version of Redis and "toot" is now "yiff" again :skyuwu:

Restarting our containers, expect a moment of downtime!

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