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need to stay off hell sites, need to eat food

Need to buy/build a storage server for myself and I am agonizing over just getting a Synology ($$) or trying to find a used R720 or equivalent and tossing some NAS software on ($ but comparatively loud and big)

why don't phones come in rose gold anymore. let me tell the world i'm a bottom you fucking cowards

where is my social media engagement fellow gamers

logged in today... always super weird to have corporate pride seep into my work. def mixed feelings re: lgbt representation versus hollow corporate bandwagoning

Birdsite keeps targeting me with ads from the Navy that are blatantly tailored for GAMERS, so I am electing not to block it so they can waste advertising money on me. Doing my public service.

PSA: I haven’t done this in a long time but I have no intention of giving Birdsite any more money for ads due to their shitty policies

instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

instance administration, taking a hard line against fascists 

The domains that are current blocked are and Will provide updates if this changes upon launch.

Yiff.Life has preemptively blocked Gab’s top level domains in advance of their July fediverse launch. Please inform your local instance admins if they have not taken action already!

I am always open to emoji additions including personal ones (since we can hide em from the picker and keep them working)

just request them!

(If I get a lot it might take a day or two tho!)

I have always found Telegram’s user directory system baffling as fuck, especially in regards to it’s contacts integration.

clout? is that the term for a single soccer shoe

scamming poor people is frankly lowest of the low shit behavior

just got one of those fake as fuck scam calls that my “social security number and benefits had been suspended” and that I could press 1 to get it fixed, so admittedly without much thinking I just hit 1 and as soon as I got a person claiming to be the SSA yelled “FUCK YALL” into the line and hung up

meemu instance update:

I sniped @sky 's backup scripts and we now have daily backups to backblaze b2! phew :) seems to be working good so far

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