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I need someone to stop me from doordashing White Castle

I love this sales person who keeps writing “Synology” as “sinology” like I’m buying a device designed to study sin

one of the wildest phrases I’ve ever heard in a corporate setting is “voluntold”

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Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s the US did a bunch of Anti-Trust Legislation stuff to keep companies from getting too big and dominating an entire industry. Is Antitrust just not a thing anymore? All these huge mergers between software development companies, telecom companies, media companies, etc. go unchallenged.

Hell Disney Corporation would make a great end-game boss fight for a Resurrected Teddy Roosevelt video game.

Epic Games eating the Rocket League devs and making their top game retroactively exclusive is totally good for the industry /s

the more i think about the concept of Mergers & Acquisitions (business) i realize how shitty it is

augh it deleted the image captions

please stop me from re-listening to the entirety of the adventure zone (don’t actually)

Battle mode #2 was deployed against hebocons that did not move for better targeting (not this much thought was actually put into it)

Battle mode #1, @CoronaCoreanici ’s idea was to do a big and small wheel so that it would spin and not fly off the table (less linear motion)

at Pumping Station: One’s 10th birthday party with @CoronaCoreanici and this is our Hebocon robot to which we later attached lit candles. It’s called the Yiffmobile and it has solid copper wheels that we cut and drilled. Whole thing assembled in 50ish minutes

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@sky this image is proof that capitalism is fake because tops aren't real

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