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Hey @Gargron have you considered running a feature request/feedback system like so that the wider community could provide input outside of Github issue requests? I think it’d give average users the chance to provide input and better gauge what requests are popular & why. The Github issue tracker is not currently setup in way where it’s easy to find and express support for feature requests, especially for end users.

I'm not a fan that Mastodon uses "suspend" instead of "ban"/"delete", since "suspending" on mastodon irrevocably /deletes/ all user data, while the word suspend implies temporary/reversible revocation. Why not just "delete"?

Oh shit I haven’t checked the invite request list in a hot minute

Living the yiff life

Printed on a CubePro Trio that I’m considering picking up

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@em awful gamers destroyed quick, a new series in which streamers must atone for their sins live on tv for your entertainment

i save my best content for the fediverse

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209k purged things and counting lol. its been like... 3 hours now

never have run a remote media removal on this instance lol

uh trying to stream a game lol let’s see how this goes

I’m stuck in a gas station parking lot for the next hour AMA

I’m gonna cry lol the stem on my tire broke :skysad:

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to me, making music is like writing an essay... i agonize over where to start and can't find anything good... but once i pull enough together it comes together eventually

its just so hard to start :skysad:

"Microsoft will stop Cortana from interrupting during Windows 10 setup" THANK FUCK

anyone have experience with microsoft server licensing and external connector licenses

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