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@ben we use DigitalOcean Spaces so I'm not sure it is related

Still investigating reports of image upload issues!

instance meta 

@drifa It’s the back of a 10/40G QSFP fabric networking card for a dell m1000e chassis

I’m just grateful that they’re like $125 used... I was scared it was an $1000 part lol

masto meta - extra sarcasm dw 

wow busy morning on here. good morning!

why is it so hard for me to understand how to run a forked version of mastodon.... i can't figure out how to lift my repo up to the latest mastodon build

fuck git t b q h

I will be upgrading the server to 3.2 and then attempt to migrate us to a new server running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with all the new bells and whistles.

instance admin thoughts, cw bad content 

instance admin thoughts, cw bad content 

Damn, Twitter machine broke... imagine if there was an alternative..............

horny bored 


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