Jesus Christ these cops are acting like they own the place; one walked behind the counter to use the microwave

Two cops walk into the 7-11 as I hold up a Paw Patrol dog plush and say “look, fascism-lite!”

snouts dot online is a website ran by real professionals

nsfw / lewd fursona art redux (colored) 

Kinky NSFW Robot Fantasy Redux (POV) 

@tao @neauoire what do you mean big business isn’t ready to invest in

Someone save me from having to go to work plz

@dotUser @halcy would be interested in a screenshot but i am the root admin and i think you can only demote mods, not admins via GUI

@Kye got some help from the furry admin telegram and discovered that the something in the mastodon document theme is fucking up command styling [double dash vs dash] so yea the raw github docs are helpful!

@dotUser naw it appears it can only be done for admins via CLI

tootctl accounts modify USERNAME --role moderator

instance admins: how do you demote an admin

and no, this is not urgent and nobody is in trouble. trying to clean up some overdue stuff

its not worth it. at the end of the day, it will bite you in the ass. learn from others mistakes

i beg and implore all fediverse admins: do not use wasabi CDN

@CoronaCoreanici it’s back, dream host had a poopoo I guess. As that’s the only downtime we’ve had since we switched I’m p happy

apparently the wordpress portion of DreamHost's managed offerings is having a bad day

right as i start work on doing some maintenance, i get an alert that the makerspace's website has gone down :skyweary:

@Moonybun sorry i meant to write more and an alert on somethin came up--

basically very finely controlled firewall, i use a program called Little Snitch for mac but there is a decent Windows one called Glasswire -

allows you to monitor and control all traffic on your system and actively prevents new connections until you approve them

you can approve on an app by app basis with a time limit or not, so its not like u spend every day approving stuff

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