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im not sorry the "alleged" ps5 leak looks like garbage

i know sony fucked up with rounding out the new PS4s but this is a whole other level and its gotta be fake

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normalize asking for something to be rephrased or explained differently, because communication is an imprecise art that can easily fail for any of a billion reasons

you should not need to explain why you need clarification

well i think that is enough admin shit for today, i need to go power wash my deck

Our public instance block list has been updated and can be reviewed at the following link -


ITS MY BIRTHDAY GIVE ME BOOSTS actually I don’t care

very bad day today, so logging off for the night

got this comm of my friend Alex, my late friend chris, and myself - drawn by twitter.com/sarcasticnood

gonna frame this on a wall and probably cry

mh (——) supremely fucked up 

mh (——) supremely fucked up 

mh (——) supremely fucked up 

mh (——) supremely fucked up 

mh (——) 

@Irick also how loud is it lol, I was thinking of putting the alarm clock on the other side of my room

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