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meemu instance update:

I sniped @sky 's backup scripts and we now have daily backups to backblaze b2! phew :) seems to be working good so far

I mean they’re all like $2-$3k, we just need a high DPI model

tfw people at work go “just buy a new label printer ok what could it cost? $500?”

and I’m like “mmmm the one we need for government compliance is $3k”

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some art of @pandorasfox and i that we got a while back, art by trunchbull on FA

tryin to find the energy to work on that mastodon theme generatorrrr

My license plate memes must have incurred the wrath of the DMV gods cause I got rear ended on the way home (I’m ok)

@SuricrasiaOnline I don’t think it’s letting me make a plate with repetitive characters :skysad:

I want a license plate that balances between “unapologetically furry and maybe vaguely horny” and “my coworkers will google this and find nothing weird”

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Pictured- Unifi CloudKey Gen2 (rack mount), Unifi Security Gateway Pro4, Unifi 24 port Switch, 24 port patch panel, Synology RS2818RP+ with 16TB of storage, R720xd w/ 2 Xeons & 128GB of RAM, and two custom SuperMicro servers each with 128GB RAM and 2TB RAID10 of 10.6k SAS drives

I swear I’ll clean this up when I get some additional switching, will add details below

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