Still thinking it through but Anyone want dibs on an Xbox one for whatever the trade in value is? Wouldn’t mind saving myself the hassle of selling it and don’t care to support GameStop resale profits. Like $100?

I should have gotten rid of my Xbox ages ago tbh, I just really liked having the halo collection on hand. Now that it’s coming to PC I have literally no reason to keep the Xbox on hand. Now is probably the best time to offload it on GameStop or somethin since new consoles coming

@franciecashman that’s what happens when you break the theme file, isn’t it beautiful

@Ace printed labels never lied to me. now leave my breakfast and I alone

@tastymochafox to clean toilets, clearly

(I stuck the label on it and put it in the kitchen, I want to be able to clean my bottles at work...)

@dipolecat thank goodness no, they were just confused and a little weirded out

Apparently everyone at my work thought this brand new bottle brush temporarily on my desk was a mcfucking toilet brush

I have had enough flights with problems to last me the rest of the year

Coming into ORD our flight just stalled or dived for 5-7 seconds (assuming air pocket??) and then did a hard recovery and the pilot simply announces “alrighty then” on the intercom

it is now officially homestuck day on yiff life, brace yourselves

@Frinkeldoodle I use this at work occasionally so it’s stickerless.... my alt has lots of stickers tho. I need to put some sky stickers on it tbh

@live I think it’s 2017 and my control key is fucked up so I am looking forward to dealing with that soon. makes using terminal hell

@live im visiting another state so I don’t have the luxury, but I’m making due just fine. I have a big mousepad and a custom built desktop at home

@Saxxon listen,,,, I got hot chocolate when I got here 5 hours ago :skyweary: and I have gotten various foods in between

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walk into Sotheby’s like “how much can I sell this custom hand painted oil on canvas art of a dragon... behind a car”

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