@lutnik i think a huge issue is that people forget there is a mute/block individual button, i get a lot of erroneous reports where a user should just be blocking... it IS nice to have attentive and caring moderators, but that doesn't mean they are the dispute police on things that dont violate the rules

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Okay! I really hope this is everyone! I really hope I didn't miss anyone or do any repeats. But this should be everyone who signed up for the banner commission! I'm gonna try to put 20 people per banner, and maybe we'll have a rotating banner? We'll see. But this has been a lot of fun! My tablet isn't working anymore, but if you're interested in getting queued up, send me a message! My commission info is under construction, but you can check out my commission info on spoonycatt.com/commissions

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I accidentally made my little sister a furry years ago and she found out about the chibis I've drawn and made me draw one of her millions of fursonas.

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@CornishRepublicanArmy if you can make it through the first 4.5 acts there is no going back

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Hey remember that specifically tagging NSFW images beyond just "NSFW" is very much encouraged and appreciated here! People have different tolerances for things

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@blackcorvo it’s almost 2019 and pewdiepie still has an income?

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Hmmmm the homestuck furry balance on my TL is becoming alarmingly tilted

@mervyn if only we could trust employers to be honest and either say “we value your life, stay home” or “get here or die trying buddy”

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@sky :33< hi ! im super sorry for the wait but the app i was using totally died & i havent figured out how 2 fix it yet,, so instead i just did ur request traditionally !! i hope u dont mind & again sorry for the wait !

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