All, for some reason the instance did not email me about the 14 separate reports placed from multiple instances throughout today, I will investigate them and deal with it now.

@Nerts not even a tiny 501 or similar error in the corner? Can you try refreshing the page and uploading to see if it pops up in the lower left side of the page?

@GoddessVictory is this in reference to a mastodon instance or a homestuck thing lmfao

@pandora_parrot it’s a little more complicated then that, not at this time

Y’all, it is against the rules to make legal threats against people using the Yiff.Life platform.

You do not make legal threats. If you think you have a legal case, retain a lawyer and go from there. It’s not a game, you don’t need to post it online.

Is anyone still experiencing 500 errors on image upload?

It appears that image upload is not working and throwing a 500 error at the moment, I am investigating the issue.

@drifa @lyliawisteria do y’all have a url? I banned the self hosted one, they appear to have another account on that I blocked

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