ah yes, when you can’t produce a competitive product, you use your financial advantage to undercut your competitors, instead of like, investing in your employees

We are now running V3.0.1!!! Just making sure nothing is broken but the fact that I can post this is a good sign!

We are about to upgrade to the new version of Mastodon! Please stand by.

@ayron they appear to be loading after the second pass!

@ayron if you're curious what that actually means-

i had to build four scripts to make the media attachments complete in a reasonable amount of time (500,000+ files)

there are two primary folders under media_attachments, 000 and 001

in 000, there are 999 folders. in 001, there are 795 folders (or so)

in each of the third level subfolders, there are up to 999 folders (frequently less due to file deletions)

so i am guessing the script handling folder 001, subfolders 500-795, had some problems

@ayron thank you. this doesn't entirely surprise me because out of all the scripts, the one that covered that specific subsection of images took the longest by a wide margin, even though it was the smallest set of four. i'll re-run it

I can now say we have fully and successfully switched to Digital Ocean Spaces! Bye bye Wasabi 🔥

All images on Yiff.Life should now be resolving correctly. Thank you everyone!

Once our CDN issues are fixed, I’m going to look into upgrading us to Mastodon v3 and moving us to a new server running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Yiff.Life Image Statuses-

Avatars - fixed
Headers - fixed
Custom Emojis - fixed
Preview Cards - 90% processed
Media Attachments - 90% processed

@ari it was not removed, a lot of emojis were broken due to the image issues you may have seen me posting about! I haven’t checked the scripts but the emoji is showing for me now so it should show for you too

@kkrevv would you be able to DM me on discord? Sky#0069

idk if anyone has been paying attention but i like how the custom emojis in the picker have slowly been reappearing

Yiff.Life Image Statuses-

Avatars - fixed
Headers - fixed
Custom Emojis - 50% processed
Preview Cards - 80% processed
Media Attachments - 90% processed

I would say 80% of all images should be fixed now. One last batch of media files is running and I'm guesstimating that it's about 50k files left out of 1m~. Not sure why the smallest batch of media attachments is taking the longest, but whatever! It's working.

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