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vote, vote, vote, you know what this is, uspol 

light nudity, cute cuddles <3 

food / gay 

charged my Prius at a Nissan dealership a while back and someone had the audacity to leave this on my car, at a free charging station

nobody asked for this but these are all of Drossel’s designs and associated seasons

this is me flexing. feel my power. tremble before my queens.

should post more of my photography tbh, who doesn't love robot ass

#2 the suit will be BIG if I want the scale to be correct, even if I am tall. so what if, wild idea, it was reinforced and attached to an industrial robot arm for support, like this govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main (totally not a bit dangerous /s) and it’d just roll around on a platform.

And I could model the whole costume and kit to look like the official chogokin figure set

Probably only run $4-5k total for the cosplay 😂😂😂😭😭😭

Not to mention the expenses of transporting & venue notice

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since im on a robot track have y'all ever seen my Drossel von Flügel cosplay that I 3D printed, laser cut, thermoformed and wired up?? i really should make a gen2 version now that i know so much more....

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