got this comm of my friend Alex, my late friend chris, and myself - drawn by

gonna frame this on a wall and probably cry

positively cursed 2012 homestuck image, soda 

hm, my cloudflare threat analytics have spiked through the fucking roof since last night 🤔

fedichive posts, extreme slurs and toxicity, screenshots 

fedichive, screenshot, slur, gab, GOT EM 

already have them blocked at the instance and IP level so y’all can’t see it but figured I’d share what I just told the fedichive folks who want to scrape and archive all mastodon instances

so this server came into existence on july 1st, but our open reg date was august 15th, so we will celebrate then! i remember staying up until like 1 or 2am to make that happen

in the mean time, have a blast from the past, our original theme


Masto admin block recommendation 

gun / rainbow six siege /furry 

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