If you find me at you can probably get a limited edition Sky sticker!!!

trying to remember some commands - have this screenshot of my bash history from when i migrated us from wasabi to digitalocean CDN

i think it was a script to fix all the directory pathing or permissions in the CDN

BTW when i say images, i just mean image customizations.

i do not see any current issues with image uploads... here is the proof

if anyone hadn't noticed media uploads are working again

nsfw shame 

ah shit this is the video they leaked i alaways look at the camera like a boss and use my compute from across the room

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we now have announcements and an announcement button on the top of the home feed

vote, vote, vote, you know what this is, uspol 

vote for Bernie

light nudity, cute cuddles <3 

got this wonderfully cute art of @Tam and I from furaffinity.net/user/fredek666

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