Yiff.Life is now invite only. To reduce spam registrations and limit the growth of this instance, I am closing public registration. User invites are still open in case you want to add a friend, but the registration form on the main page is now closed.

@sky hey just a tiny boop on this - i tried signing up a little while ago (18.03) and still aint got a go-ahead, anything i should do?

@dogo just accepted/approved

we were moving slowly with them and it got buried under spam invites. everything is invite only now

@sky thanks for helping out! i didnt wanna bug you about it haha, and i heard from someone the server got spammed like that

@dogo please feel free to reach out for anything, you are not being a bug or bother

@sky noted haha, just like to apply patience instead so i dont come off like its some customer service relation thing

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