never forget that git is so complicated that i managed to accidentally push a change request to change "toots" to "yiffs" on the mainline mastodon branch

@sky I remember being so confused trying to help with tiny css things a long time ago. How do I get hub

@sky i wish mercurial had been more popular it was at least easier to use tbh

@sky oh my god I live in fear of doing this lmao. GitHub makes pull requests hard to parse too

@sky fwiw, I'm sure you made eugen sigh exasperatedly, and that makes me smile :blobcat:

@sky this seems like a change everyone deserves tho

@sky Less a problem with git itself and more a problem with GitHub-specific UX, but still, incredibly relatable. GitHub makes it *ridiculously* difficult to tell what's going to happen when you open a PR across forks.

This is one of the few things that vanilla git is less-bad about, if only because git doesn't technically have native pull requests aside from sending an email to a person saying "hey please pull from my branch, it has these changes"

@sky As I say about Git: Git makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. But it also makes it easy to re-attach an older version of your foot. Either way, it's still up to you to make sure you have the right (or left) foot.

@sky Also? Solving every change management issue using Git commands might give you a better audit trail. But sometimes the best and easiest way is to simply fix a borked code-base manually in a branch, test it, and then merge to the parent branch.

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