instance admins: how do you demote an admin

and no, this is not urgent and nobody is in trouble. trying to clean up some overdue stuff

@sky >Moderation>Accounts>Edit account page>Demote

should be an option.

@sky You uh, get to the edit account page by clicking the name after you find it, mind.

@sky And it also only appears if you're the root admin or the admin who granted the position..

@dotUser naw it appears it can only be done for admins via CLI

tootctl accounts modify USERNAME --role moderator

@sky My root admin on inkweb can do it in the UI, and I'm sure @halcy can here as his account is the root admin here.

@dotUser @halcy would be interested in a screenshot but i am the root admin and i think you can only demote mods, not admins via GUI

@sky @halcy Oh huh weird, It USED to exist. Pretty sure I tested it on Inkweb under a previous version. :facepalm_cirno:

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