I hope it’s not boiling hot this year

@sky isn't it in chicago and in the winter, should be dead cold?

@oct2pus MFF is infamous for the buildings being too hot, especially the skywalk you use to get between the hotels and convention center. and the colder it gets, the more humid it gets indoors 😩

@sky yeah i've been in that building. (for an anime convention)

there was a series of corridors i got lost in and was too proud to ask for help since it seemed way too small to get lost in.

its...because the exit wasn't obvious from the direction i was walking, if i turned around it would be super visible. I don't remember it being super hot but its been half a decade and also i wasn't in a fursuit (which adds %100 heat vulnerability)

@sky @oct2pus Shouldn't it be the other way round? Cold air holds less water vapor. Heating up cold air makes it dry. So the colder it gets, the more dry it should be indoors.

@ayron @sky we're at a furry convention this is an anti-reality zone.
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