Opus No. 1 (nightcore) (remix) (a bit loud)

i did this instead of going out for capitalism day

oh god this hurts my ears compressed as an mp3

@sky what is this walmart discount bin royalty free sample cd nonsense

@Kye this is a classic, inflicted on untold billions by companies too cheap to license other hold music

imagine the number of hours cumulatively spent by humanity listening to this song

@sky It's like capitalism as a song. The endless waste of human potential presented as a generic clap wav and overdone reverb over a melody loop.

@Kye oh were you saying this about my version because yes

@sky Nah, I wouldn't say something like that about a comrade's creation even if it was a goof.

@sky I wonder what it would sound like compressed to 8KHz

@Frinkeldoodle im literally building a call center at work rn so here you go

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