what should i replace my GTX 980 with?

ideally $500 or under. i don't do anything heavy even though i love to overkill... also might want to stuff it into a mini itx case in the future

@sky I have a GTX 780

is this post how the world is telling me that my gpu is too old

@ben if the tool gets the job done... i was gonna stick with this until a new build but the decision has been made for me

@fariparedes the 6gb version? it seems TI doesn't exist, so i guess... its the same?

@sky weird. well yeah, the 1060 then. 1070 is too expensive for your budget i think

@fariparedes woaaah a 1070 is like the same cost as a 2070??? the 1060 looks like it'd do fine, i do try to future proof a bit though...

@fariparedes ended up getting the 2060 super since it’ll fit in a future mini ITX case, thanks!!!

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