you ever hear the sound of a $3k laptop fall out of your backpack and hit a cement floor

today has been a day

humor possibly in bad taste, but also serious 

humor possibly in bad taste, but also serious 

humor possibly in bad taste, but also serious 

@AzureHusky it is actually intact and usable, but the body has taken some serious structural damage and i am surprised it works. it appears the headphone jack took an incredible amount of the force and no longer works cause its shaped like an oval, and the display didn't break but there is clearly an issue with some backlight leaking through. i am fortunate enough to have gotten a squaretrade accidental warranty but to claim it on something so dumb.... bleh

@sky holy shit. I'm so glad you have the warranty at least

@sky Damn, that's absolutely awful! I'm glad you got that warranty, because wow, I feel my soul draining from my body just thinking about that experience.

@Shukin yeah, macbook pros are a nightmare to get repaired without an accidental warranty. i really ought to consider switching away from apple the next time i refresh...

@sky Yeah, if you don't have anything that's really stuck into Mac OS, you should really aim for another build next time because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't spend 3k to get the same performance. But then, Apple stuff is madly overpriced here, I guess it's the same out there :P

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