is VA-11 Hall-A a good game (on switch, if that makes any difference)

@sky I wouldn't say it's Bad but its definitely flawed/polarising (even among people who like the genre and themes)

@sky I heard it's fun, if you like VNs I'd say it's good

@sky The actual gameplay is pretty minimal but if you enjoy reading a cyberpunky short story about a bar then there's plenty to enjoy.

I enjoyed it a lot as a VN with drink mixing sections.
Also I haven't played it on the switch yet but I'm told you can mix a drink shaker using the joycons so that's pretty cool

Pedophilia, 4chan 

My datemate & I played it on the PC, we found it enjoyable and plan to replay it soon! It has multiple endings, which is fun, and is pretty laid back.

It's not /riveting/, per say, but pretty relaxing. I think the prolouge alone makes it worth it.

I'm considering it, but I haven't a clue what it'll be like.

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