lmaooooooooo someone take ours PLEASE i want to shoot that thing with a shotgun every damn day

image is screenshot of m.slashdot.org/story/354332

@anna i definitely have yet to understand the point of them. i saw a commercial for one once. immediately followed by an insurance commercial parodying it since the guy was recording him stealing the dudes car through it.

@gabreon my wife likes it bc we dont have a doorbell (i argue we have two perfectly servicable doorbells 🐶🐶) but to me it is as dr stallman describes, an internet of stings device

@anna i actually legit forgot you could probably use it as a "someone rang my doorbell who who who who" bc of all the media attention its got for thief tracking lately

...not gonna lie

@gabreon i just tried to connect to it on the app for the first time (ive never bothered before) and its like "keeping neighborhoods safer" and yeah its weird white fear pearlclutching shit and i hate it

@anna @gabreon the neighborhood monitoring app is absolutely full of fearmongering, its just as bad as nextdoor with thinly veiled and out in the open racism

thinkin of selling them and our arlo system and replacing it with Not Cloud Connected crap, even if that means drilling more holes in the house for drops

@sky @gabreon yeah i kind of want to replace this shit with like, some rpi kit or whatever, or just a regular fuckin doorbell


@anna @gabreon 10,000 iq move, doorbell with fake camera and blinky LED. bonus points if you wire in a simple motion sensor that makes it blink

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