I “kind of” get some folks apprehension about our domain but I don’t understand how that isn’t dispelled after reading the front page of the site, much less the CoC

@sky Back when I was active as @MontyVerdan, I always had a good time. And I never felt out of place for being asexual or anything.

@sky @MontyVerdan people react badly to the word Yiff, but if you spend any time in the fandom you realize that most people use it ironically. or at least in the parts that I was a part of.

@sky If people are apprehensive about the domain (and I still think "yiff" is a dumb furry word) then nothing you can put on the site will change their mind, it's an image thing. You're asking them to attach it to their names indefinitely. Some people do not care to do that. And yea and such exist but they clearly are not the main domains and is still plastered all over the site when you go to it under another name.

@sky Also you haven't updated the page in like 1,000 users, lol, it still says 500+ on the promo image.

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