Hey @Gargron have you considered running a feature request/feedback system like so that the wider community could provide input outside of Github issue requests? I think it’d give average users the chance to provide input and better gauge what requests are popular & why. The Github issue tracker is not currently setup in way where it’s easy to find and express support for feature requests, especially for end users.

@sky @Gargron Seconding this. I really like the idea of regular users being able to vote on input besides simply github. Like you said, it's simply not conducive to it, and would really help the community and software grow. ^^

@sky @Gargron I’m totally in agreement, making feature requests more accessible for everyone is in all of our interests

@sky @Gargron sounds like a fantastic idea to me, i think most of what ends up on git is focused towards admins so this would be a good balance to that

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