Good evening to all our new users!

- Please be sure to read our rules and Code of Conduct at
- Remember to have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions!
- Feel free to keep an eye on the local and federated timelines, that's where Things Happen
- Our staff are @sky @Tam @aimee @pandorasfox @Saxxon and @Callie !
- For official updates moving forward, follow @System !
- Feel free to check out our Patreon! servers don't pay for themselves :skyeyes:

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@sky Seen the @System pop up in the timeline :D
Insta-follow to that account
(you might want to make that account auto-followed for new registrations)

@ColinShark i did laugh out loud at that but ngl 69 patrons would look so much prettier :skyeyes:

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