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Eventually I am going to get Disney Princess dresses and I'm gonna wear them all the time
I've always wanted to wear one of them
I'll definitely post pics here when I get them

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here's my character, Princess Lillie of the Stars! she's a bunny princess from another universe who can turn from a kitty into a bunny. when she's in bunny form, her hair turns purple! she also has heart-shaped pupils that she can toggle at will. I wanna be a VTuber and she's the character I'm gonna use for that :p

🎨 debaa_nyan

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I don't actually have a fursona yet, but I'd love to have one. Only issue is, I'm still broke 😅
Closest thing I have is a non-furry original character drawn for me by a friend, who goes by the name debaa_nyan, I'll post pics later
If I were to get a fursona though, she'd definitely be a bunny princess. No debating that.

My personal favorite out of all of these is the first one, I can't describe what I love about it but I do love it

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“A girl with purple hair and bunny ears hugging a plush rabbit, digital art”
I'll be messing with DALL-E a lot now that I have access to it, so expect more AI-generated art posts like this :p

Since you all seem to like this so much, here's another result the AI gave me for this prompt

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I got an invitation to try out DALL-E
“A watercolor painting of a white rabbit sitting in a field of flowers”

Looking for more games to add to my Steam Deck so if any of you know of good games with female protagonists (or mods that turn the protagonist female a-la the BOTW Linkle Mod) please do let me know the name of the game

so I made a Pokémon Café ReMix team after I got removed from the one I was already in for no reason and I thought nobody would join
...oh how wrong I was
eat your heart out Empoleons (that's the name of the team I was already in)

I keep seeing people post on this website about "ship dynamics", but clearly the best ship is me and a certain character from a certain well-known visual novel.

...hmm, I should write that down on my ever-growing list of things to get from art people.

well I scheduled a consultation for voice training, wish me luck everyone
probably helps that I already have an ideal voice in mind

When things seem bad, always try to remember the important things in life:

sometimes I imagine meeting some of my close internet friends in real life and it makes me all blushy and happy

Update, as of a few days ago my brother and his fiancée have been forcibly evicted and are now living with my grandparents.
Every donation matters, and at the moment, a new home is number one priority. Please help however you can!
If you can't donate, share share share!!

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Well I'm happy to report that @[email protected] works great on Steam Deck, I'd personally mark it as verified after a few tweaks for performance.

My older brother's run into some life problems and needs help. He's out of work due to a brain injury and may lose his housing. If you have the money to spare, please consider helping him out.

I tried out the Beat Saber demo just now and I really should've taken into consideration the addictive factor because now I wanna buy it

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