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okay who is Shyra and what does she look like? 

Shyra is my 'sona; she's me.

She's a shapeshifter, but most of the time looks like this (ref by [email protected])

Like all demonic creatures, her power comes from self-actualization and self-love. These powers allow her to mold her shape at will, control the element of fire, and to a lesser extent gives her power over her surroundings.

She is a succubus, and can steal the soul of anyone she mates with, though she's not done that as of yet.

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kinks that I like doing / done to me 

If a kink isn't on here, ask me first before RPing it with me

- TF through sex, magic, pregnancy, lab accidents, werebeast infection, clothing, merging, or artifacts
- TF softvore / unbirth / rebirth (pred)
- TFing me into another creature incl. taurification, nagafication, sharkification, etc
- Impregnating me (esp. with eggs!)
- If we've RP'd before and it was hot and comfy, I'm cool with dubcon of the above, too

A comm for of their synth Perl in some 3d animated stickers!
O, Yes, Wink
Arrive, <3, Sleep

weird horny 

Feeling gooey today. Anyone want to be subsumed?

politely RSVP'ing "no" to the Monads orgy and sending an edible arrangement

now i don't have to keep this followers only now that the gift has been received :skellydab: i made a demon core usb lamp and it whips ass

sex toy manufacture and safety 

if you super want to use your 3d printer to make toys to stick inside yourself, print master models that you can then cast and duplicate in silicone. do not try to print a toy. don't do it. please.

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sex toy manufacture and safety 

made the mistake of looking at the diy toymaking section of qdot's discord and once again saw someone asking about how to make a 3d printed buttplug safe to put in their anus, who would then not be persuaded that under no circumstances is a 3d printed toy ever safe to put in your anus

if you are ever curious to know if a buttplug you have 3d printed is safe to put up your ass: it is not. no amount of coating it in rubber will mitigate the possibility of breakage.

I woke up to an image of a horrid cargo skirt so I had to have it; but also im on weekend and didnt want to color much lol

begpost, please boost 

Hey so me and my girlfriend are gonna be moving in a couple months and money is really tight at the moment with rent and bills and paying to get ourselves and our stuff across the country in the first place, so we could use some help with expenses. Anything at all helps, just even with the both of us working it's getting hard to keep up with things. If you can donate anything it would be greatly appreciated, my paypal is and cashapp is $nargacugas

gay macro kink 


explicit furry art :over18: exposed dragon titties (several) 

....and of course, without the convenient cloud modesty:

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gay macro kink 


macro microfic 

The “Macro Milk” growth potion was designed to provide cumulative size increases with each dose, with the potion duration halving each time.

This was assumed to be a sufficient safeguard against abuse until 1127 CE, when an anonymous saboteur broke into the Mega Magicarium and managed to single-handedly drain the college’s reserves of the Milk.

The imbiber’s resulting 28-second rampage through the countryside ended up wiping three towns and seven villages off the map.

nsfw, pregnancy, tentacles 

TFW you get tentacle impregnated and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh no, not the briar patch!

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