I met with a lovely lesbian couple yesterday who are gonna watch my dog when I go out of town tomorrow and oh my god I think I'm in love with them???

The more I talked about my dog the more excited they got to watch him, and the more they talked about their dog-sitting style the more I got excited for them to watch him lol.

Everyone in the room got excited when I said I take him biking.

Oh my god??? I just dropped him off and they were gushing about how impressed they were with him and how I take care of him???

AND i told them I was going on a road trip to see Mothman and they were like "omg that's so fun, we just did that a few months ago."

I literally want to move in with them


Look at this pic they sent me of my boy 🥺

So happy 😭

Omfg the dog sitters just said my boy is so well behaved and he's one of their favorite dogs they've ever watched

I'm sobbing I'm so proud 😭

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