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My Puppy Needed Emergency Surgery, Asking for Financial Aid 

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"I can be your angel or your devil" but its "I can be your badass or your dumbass"

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Casual reminder that just because someone is on an 18+ server doesn't mean you can lewd at them with no introduction.

Consent is still a thing.

*wants to interact with people*

*Is tired from interacting with people*


starting to realize how many niche interests ive built up

This work schedule is killing me 😫 Getting up at 3:00am to be at work by 4:30am is not gucci

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Ope, 7:30pm on a Sunday. You know what that means 😏

(I'm up past my bedtime πŸ™Š)

lewd shitpost 

Ooh and psst @serioussalad

Yesterday I mentioned the Fat Babe Pool Party from Shrill was based on a real event in Portland?

It's actually spread to a lot of cities :)

There won't be any this summer but hopefully next summer...

Shrill non spoiler 

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why did gentleman's chests ever go out of style? πŸ˜”

Shrill S3 Character Spoilers 

Nobody has ever been nice to me in the last 30 seconds πŸ₯Ί

How do you politely tell people to describe their images so I can fucking boost them

tfw you suddenly remember that thing at work you were supposed to do that you didn't do 😬

Streaming for an hour or so if anyone wants to join!

Working on SFW commissions (mostly feral art)~


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