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"I can be your angel or your devil" but its "I can be your badass or your dumbass"

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Casual reminder that just because someone is on an 18+ server doesn't mean you can lewd at them with no introduction.

Consent is still a thing.

@geesehoward even worse when it's cw'd something like "horny im sorry"

like, what the fuck, maybe just don't post it if you're allegedly "sorry"

don't make me tap the sign

the sign: "putting it under a CW does not make it okay to send sexual jokes to strangers"

And, finally, I planted my dwarf marigolds from 2 years ago in the remaining cells, just to see if those seeds are at all viable - probably not though, since marigolds are super not cold hardy.

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I also planted some more Dahlia seeds into the cells that didn't sprout, because I'm a slut for success.

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So its been about a week now and my Verbenas never sprouted, but 2/3 of my Dahlias did (and then one immediately died, so that was super cool /s).

I think going through deep freeze a couple of weeks ago might have killed most of the Verbena seeds, so I dumped like 25 seeds into two cells to see if any of them will sprout.

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Back in my day, "hiding behind their ethnic identities" was called "playing the race card". Usually deployed by racist conservatives who didn't want to admit something was, in fact, racist.

@axakatl gay o'clock, followed by *checks wristwatch* gay o'clock 2

indescribably fucked up mindset to get angry about who gets to have the vaccine first when you could instead be getting angry at

- innumerable issues in vaccine production and distribution

- continued spread of the virus

- devastated healthcare services

but also I've experienced the same thing (definitely.moreso) in Minecraft

people: "Oh let's build AFK fishers and item farming infrastructure so people can get XP and harder to obtain items really easily. let's pool resources so we can progress further, faster"
same people: ew socialism is gros


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Why am I allowed to say whatever I want that's a bad policy

Since technology has reached the point where video games are basically at the climax of realism, I hope that the hype for ultra-realism gives way soon to a rise in stylization

Hollow Knight 

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