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My Puppy Needed Emergency Surgery, Asking for Financial Aid 

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"I can be your angel or your devil" but its "I can be your badass or your dumbass"

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Casual reminder that just because someone is on an 18+ server doesn't mean you can lewd at them with no introduction.

Consent is still a thing.

Fun thing to try if you want to lessen you environmental impact: After a day trip to spend 90 minutes in space, consider washing all "astronaut's" space suits in the same load!

This fact about CWs will shock you! 

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No internet at the new place yet... Do i suck it up and stream a video over data, or do i lay in bed in silence?

Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

Probably not gonna bother unpacking too much since I'm moving again in November @[email protected]

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Them: "There's no way we'll hack into the system, this guy a tech guru, I mea-"

Me: "Done"

Them: "???"

Me: "The password was the hex code of the main color of their fursona"

@keliff one’s fursona MUST:
- have at least 2 different colors, one of which is sparkledog compatible
- have at least one symbol
- have a boopable snoot

one’s fursona must NOT:
- contain your legal name

The new place is actually really nice. I was skeptical at first but it's kinda grown on me.

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9 hours later, i am (mostly) moved into the new (temporary) apartment!

listen if communism means everyone dresses in the same state issued grey coveralls i'm down for it as long as the state is willing to get my ass and thigh measurements right

I'm pretty hype cuz I'm actually familiar with this business (i go to one of their other restaurants all the time) and I've only ever heard good things about them.

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Had a job interview today that went really well! They want to have a follow-up later this week where I'd meet the team I'll be working with UwU

I planted it back in March and it was only supposed to take 60 days to bloom, but better late than never lol

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Life is stress but I have one (1) surviving Dahlia that has turned into a BEAST of a plant and now has one, single, solitary bud on it, so I've got that going for me.

excuse me, sir? sir? that is an anti-capitalist SLUR, sir. a slur.

You ever think about how much discrimination in the workplace would be so much less tolerated if you didn't have to rely on your job for survival?

Good morning, Tuesday people! [checks it is still morning, and also tuesday]


@Aleums fellas, is it gay to test your strength against another man, to feel his skill and move your body to counter his as your heart beats faster and the blood sings in your veins

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