Awwww I get a hrt appointment at the end of the year. With how the place I'm going to works is right after the consultation from said appointment they'll give me hrt :3.

MH (~) 

You shouldn't have to feel like you need to be skinny or thin to pass. IF you want to lose it's one thing , but if you like being chubby , don't feel like you have to change for someone.

I feel like a lot of dystopias are just "What if all of society were like what people who aren't upper or middle class/privileged experience daily?"

My mind is so scrambled right now. I just wanna cuddle and have the anxiety melt away.

I wish I was cute. Facial dysphoria strong right now.

Sensitive area, hair dysphoria 

I wish I could drink a potion or something to just legit turn me into a dragon gal.

My mind is so fried . I wish I could just be free from this house.

racism, appropriation 

I'm trying to be better. Just not a lot of positive going on at home, so don't want to burden you all with my venting :(.

genitial dysphoria, wanting to get out of home 

Dragon Girl here, wants belly rubs. Tummy is upset xs.

Also apologies everyone for just kinda not using this lately. Been kind of drained and feel bad for not having my sona up as a profile pic yet, so picrew for now :x.

Going through backlog right now while also eagerly awaiting the new Yoshi game.

What do I need to do to become the dragon girl I always wanted to be?

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