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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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What do you think puts out more lumens during the dance: the stage lighting or the fursuits

Played around with Elevate last night and I'm already impressed. It's not quite like any other audio processor I've already got, which is nice. Kinda over sifting through dozens of companies' take of the same thing. I just wanna sit down and make music.

While it's on my mind, some more local talent I had the pleasure to record while I was in school to become an audio engineer: Dead Audio (stylized DEADAUDIO in my remix and I don't remember why)

(I didn't record this session)

Don't know where they went.

They're always just like 'partly sunny' or 'partly cloudy' but they never tell you which part

PhilosophyTube made me listen to this and now you have to listen to it too:

Psychedelic trance remix of "jkqlynide - I AM"? Tempting~ if I wasn't doing to be occupied all weekend I might experiment. Maybe I'll have more time in the coming week. Among all the other remixes in the lab..

Been wanting to do something in that genre again for a long time.

Past abuse, trauma, coping through music 

Past abuse, trauma, coping through music 

Past abuse, trauma, coping through music 

Past abuse, trauma, coping through music 

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google juidia: you can now stream fruit juice from the internet directly to your liquid holder

Food, sound design humor 

This morning's idea I'll forget in like 5 minutes: A remix of Cleyra's Trunk from FF9 but it's goa trance and verses are written and performed for it

‪Still want to make a game, still haven’t put anything out there, but I think I have all I need to actually do it.‬

I have not seen someone get *this excited* about being faked out by a drop prior to this moment:

Might miss the deadline for MFF this year but I think I'll finally be able to open this service up next year.

While working on ArtTrack, I've learned a lot about how authorization and authentication work in AspNetCore. The initial setup is daunting to say the least, but once beyond that, building out the app itself is super easy.

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Tired: Approaching dragons from the standpoint of physics
Wired: Approaching dragons. Like, just go over and say hi, they're friendly

MVX 84 and IN1508 installed.

It's kinda weird having a PIP unit but the scaler gives me better results than their dedicated DVS units for some reason.

I'm a sucker for whimsy (and much of what James Horner wrote altogether really) and this composition in particular tugs at me. Thought a lot about copping some of these elements and building something new out of them over the years, but I never did.

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