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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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I did find out that in the US PS2 DDR games they pull some really weird tricks with the SSQ format. It used to crash the converter. But I've got it figured out now. So weird..

Found out how to rip steps from DDR PS2 games. Added to RhythmCodex. I'll push the code tonight if I remember.

Okay. I'm going offline. It'd be prudent of me to take the internet away from myself (although as always, I can't pry away from a good DM.)

Late night horny posting, you know, the usual 

Late night horny posting, you know, the usual 

Finally got around to rendering out the "2003" album. Lots of really old, not so high quality music. I learned so much between then and 2004. Still.. it's fun to look back. A lot of this stuff hasn't been heard or available for over 10 years.

alcohol, horny 

COVID-19, personal instance stuff + 

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Hello friends and admins! If you run a furry mastodon server, consider subscribing to the relay

mastodon admins can add in their relay settings


Spent much of last night rolling a D&D 5e druid. So that's going to be a thing moving forward.

I'm glad to have kept myself busy throughout all this. The artist alley software is coming along great. I can't wait to have this prototype ready.


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🌟 Hi, I'm Roxy! I am an indie dev creating Shield Cat, the game! I am also an artist and programmer (among other things...)

Game: @shieldcat

#indiedev #gamedev #gamemaker

Some gameplay!!!:

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