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Maybe instead of (or in addition to) sampling rate we could have gone with a higher sample bit depth, especially for styles of music that really demand the extra resolution.

Would be kinda cool if it was part of the redbook standard (CD audio) that we could cut the length in half to double the sampling rate. We were already doing something similar in the analog realm with video tape (they went the opposite direction in the tradeoff though).

It's hard to come up with anywhere near 74 cohesive minutes of audio material in my style and I'd love to have been able to offer 37 minutes of higher fidelity content instead in a directly compatible format with audio discs.

Assembling the 1U panel for the remaining retro PC connections.

I'm saving everyone in this room from all the uneaten catered celery

Also Walter Day is in here

My headcanon is he wears those stripes literally everywhere

How I lose the tournament: Power Stone 2. Didn't get enough time in with NallTWD on this bizarre brawler.

Got a lot of progress on the Art Track Plus app today.

We're at the hotel for Midwest Gaming Classic now.

Witnessed, while walking past the fitness center: someone running on the treadmill in flipflops
(plap plap plap plap plap)

Exactly two years ago, we discovered a crib in a corner of the parking garage

We never did find out what the story was behind this

The idea is, I want to be able to roll the rack into the other room and just connect cables without reaching inside.

There were some concerns over video quality dropping since it's a coupler. I don't know how it's going to come out but we can figure that out when I get them.

Got some more equipment for the retro PC party rack. This should simplify cabling for the future.

I learned some things during our Extra Life marathon and I'm going to avoid similar obstacles moving forward.

After last night's DOS game runs, I'm doing some cable management on my retro party rack.

Gonna be playing F-Zero on SNES with three other players soon! Join us!

Got further on my Bio Menace routing. All the way through 3-01. Still got the rest of episode 3, and my run for Extra Life is tomorrow...

I will submit two Protracker songs to Flashpoint this year. I haven't done remote entries to a demoparty ever, so this could be fun. Even though they should theoretically run on old (vblank) players on Amiga, they're just going to use XMPlay anyway..

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