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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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There's a ton of retro computing parts that are only ever listed under their OEM part numbers on auction sites because there's no other identifying marks. Companies such as HP and Compaq kept lists of them either hidden or vague in their descriptions so you wouldn't shop around.

I like figuring out what parts these actually are. Sometimes you can find an outstanding deal on a very desirable part that others have overlooked.

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Another Quadro 2 Pro sniped from me. I used to have no bid competition for these things but ever since I put out that GeForce 2 model number guide, it's been hell. I did this to myself.

Still.. it's information made free, so overall I don't regret sharing.

We're going to be in Nashville, TN tonight and for all of next week. The forecast said it'll rain just about the whole time when I checked yesterday.

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you know,

some of whats gotten better about game graphics in recent years is not just adding more polygons or using more compute heavy shaders but actually better understanding and modelling of how light works

i wonder if you could go back and make a game for like the ps1/ps2 or n64/gamecube that used modern shading techniques and like blow everything from their era out of the water

Not sure if I mentioned but.. in August, we're moving to the Nashville, TN area. I'm gonna be looking for work as

Finally got around to doing Celeste this week and completed the story mode. Didn't unlock Core yet. I felt like I really earned my way to the end. It's an outstanding game that offers some fierce challenge without being unfair.

I feel the same about all the deaths I racked up in the game as I do about all the strawberries and other collectables: all of it felt tied tightly to my own gradual skill and stubbornness. I finally managed to conquer one of the B-sides today as well. (inb4 that's easy)

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The problem with saying “you are not immune to propaganda” is that everyone thinks it’s the incantation to an immunity spell.

Got my hands on some more of those old Sound Forge sample CDs. Sample packs in the late 90s to early 00s are in that period of time where the samples are higher fidelity but not overly postmixed

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mutual aid software dev 

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Got my druid's 3 piece T2 set bonus tonight. It's been a long time coming. I couldn't get beyond 2 pieces for a couple months. Though to be fair, BWL has only been out a few weeks, and druid gear hasn't been dropping while I'm present till tonight, so...

Y'all bring light into my life. Thank you. ✨

We couldn't put 420 in our local IP address scheme but we could put 69.

Happy today.

Thinking about a lot of changes I want to make in my life this year. All of them are things that need to happen. Some of them I'm really apprehensive to discuss with anyone until after I've already done it..

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(I hate the Electronic Arts logo loader back then with a passion. It spent a minute and a half checking the disk for copy protection and *then* started loading your game. It's just a publisher logo and I didn't feel it was all that important to keep.)

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"Proper" releases are supposed to have the title/loader art preserved. The disk version has the Activision logo intro but the tape version goes directly into the game. Neither of these have a full screen bitmap that I can use.

For reference, Hokuto Force's release in 2006 includes the Activision logo. So maybe it is expected to keep that. Then again.. nobody complained when I didn't keep the Electronic Arts logo loader on my Legacy of the Ancients conversion, so.. who even knows.

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This generation was the first to experience the Fediverse

Dot Social taught me to switch instances
Knzk taught me to not get too attached
Bofa taught me to organise hip-hop concerts with Israeli and Palestinian rappers
Snouts taught me to show more
Rad Town taught me to investigate before speaking
Witches taught me to literally just don't
Slime Global taught me to be an epic gamer
Gamestop Store taught me to unleash my inner Karen

And I wouldn't want it any other way

My next cartridge conversion is probably going to be Alcazar for the C64. The floppy and tape versions both have copy protection, but the tape version appears less tainted. I already extracted the game. I've got to write the loader, train it and add docs yet.

I would love to fit the game into 16K but I don't think that's feasible. The docs are probably going to be larger than the game all things considered.

For a simple game from 1985 I find Alcazar to be fun to go back to.

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