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I took the synth patch from Gargoyle and rebuilt it in Sytrus so that I could take advantage of the sweet modulation and oversampling features it offers. It's still got the same timbre. Almost all the synthesis is from scratch, besides the bass (that's Nexus)

I went digging and *found the stems* for Hol Baumann's "Final" and "One Step Behind" and I am compelled to remix at least one of them sometime!

Really don't know how I got lucky to find them when they were available (the dates are fall 2009?) but this kind of thing is fascinating.

I went and rendered "One Step Behind" but without the drums because it sounds kinda cool:

Finally got off m'buns and put idea to DAW, a prototype melody for Gargoyle's sequel (all hail 3xOsc)

The majority of retro PC parts I've got came from Russia. Who knew so many people in that corner of the world were sitting on such a treasure pile of the motherboards, sound and video cards I've been looking for?

It wasn't that dedicated space was being set aside, but we were scooping up all the vacancies and taking the mall over ourselves

Had a dream last night that we were turning those emptying malls into artist alleys hosting artists from all kinds of fandoms. Walking through that was kinda surreal. There were still some retail stores and curious folks from those came over.

Retro Game Mechanics Explained put out a new video titled "Mirroring & Open Bus" as part of their SNES series and these are valuable concepts to know for all systems tbh:

I uploaded the wrong low res image up there! Here, have the better one.

Pleska is right there waiting for her groanworthy pun to land. 💜

Thanks to LuneCatta on Twitter for the awesome art~


As an example, in "Extreme Dishwasher Race" it sounds like 7/8 is being counted over 4/4, but it's intentionally misleading - it's the other way around.

Considering a mixture of meters too. I really love counting 7 many different ways, so count on that kind of thing.

Been spitballing some ideas about writing another tune in the Gargoyle "series", one such title being "Grotesque". Bumping up the tempo, combining fresh and familiar, putting my newest skills to the test..

Talking about half-cycles feels weird but it does work like that in the C64: the pixel clock is divided by 8, then the video chip outputs the result as two clocks in opposite phase, and the entire system's timing is based off that.

Something interesting I inferred from this table is that "video memory BA" (VMBA) starts 7 half-cycles before character rendering (CW) and not 6 - not that it makes a difference if you're emulating cycle by cycle (like VICE), but Bizhawk does it by half-cycle.

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