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The town theme in Diablo though?

Chills every time.

The power cable for the snowblower tore today and there's more snow projected in two days :[

Duke 3D also works with this setup using just the defaults.

Turns out disabling all the power saving features indeed fixed my issue. Awesome~

I'm troubleshooting an issue where the Appia machine crashes after being idle for a while. Ironwood is still rock solid. I believe it's related to power saving features, so I've disabled all of them on both boxes.

Since we're only networking with two players, connecting them directly via ethernet is no issue. But if I want to allow networking with more than just two players, I'll need to look at getting a rack hub or switch (that supports IPX)


The two machines are connected via IPX on Windows. I couldn't seem to get them to find each other in DOS, but that's a project for another day.

And they have names! They're both named after towns in Legend of Blacksilver. All my other machines are named so too.

Meet Appia and Ironwood.

I've imaged the 16GB CF card from the first machine, wrote it out to a second 16GB CF card, and reinstalled Win98SE on both of them. They've got fresh installs with only the specific drivers for their hardware (as they are not identical machines, just mostly similar)

Finally got both retro capable PCs running DOS and Windows games. It's a shame about the DVD drives though, I think I'd like to snag a new one at some point. The drive I'm using now was from an arcade machine, it's already got tons of hours on it.

What's next? Well, I'm not exactly sure..

Racked up, wrapped up~ I'm imaging my 16gb CF card so I can duplicate it, to have an identical setup on both boxes. I will need to reinstall Windows 98SE on them though.

This fine specimen is going in the second box, a Voodoo5 5500 AGP. (The mod is mine, I'm not so proud of how it appears, someday I'll go back and clean it up.)

Building the second computer for the RETRO PC PARTY CART

Roses are red;
Violets are blue;
Subverting expectations

How much snow have we had to clear? This should speak for itself

Built a rack tonight. Going to put the retro capable PCs in it (they're built in rack mount cases for this purpose) to keep things compact.

I'm experiencing a bug in FF9 (Steam release) where it displays all character names twice

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