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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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Life was made 100x better by removing games which guilted me for not playing them.

This removed so many mobile and modern games with loot box mechanics and those with daily login incentives.

WoW TBC classic is going to be a quandary for me in this regard with its own dailies.

Covid, Vaccination, Med 

I'm trying my hand at OPL2 patch writing and I gotta say.. really love these aliasing artifacts, but I am probably just going to fall into the psydance pit:

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Happy #mastomonday!! Do you like stickers? Do you like Linux? Do you like.... foxes?

Please answer my form!! I'm giving away these lovely stickers designed by some of the lovely folks here on fedi. Links to the original posts with the art, the artists' respective accounts, etc. in the form description!

I got bit by the retro bug again. I put together a DJGPP DOS crossdev environment, wrote my first C, and now I have a simple mode 13h sprite blitter.

I'm learning Java at the same time. This will be an interesting week for programming.

Thank you all for joining me tonight! Didn't get Odr tonight. Maybe next week. Next (scheduled) stream is WoW Classic Naxx on Monday 4/12, 7PM Central.

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Started streaming BPM: Bullets Per Minute for the Friday weekly stream! Come join me.

Ah, there's the rain. Missed you. 🌧️

Pump It Up coin system isn't working today at Dave & Buster's, win this little friend in two games of Dizzy Chicken instead. I'm quittin' while I'm ahead.

It'll go with the green one I won earlier. If they don't fix Pump It Up soon, I'm just going to have to clean them out of plushies instead.

BPM wasn't going to pan out on my remote setup, so instead I will be streaming WoW TBC Classic Beta.

Ehehehe, sometimes you really just need a temporary solution.

This is my DDR pad/light "enclosure" made from a product box.

Finally ascended with Herfjötur on Hard. My heart wants to beat right out of my chesssssst.

I've been out of DDR long enough that the flip to a waifu calendar song list was a bit jarring to say the least

Raid night, finishing up the back half of Naxx at 7PM Central. I'll be streaming if the connection permits.

I converted a USB-12V car accessory cable into a power supply for the DDR pads and it worked! Novalus helped me isolate issues I had. The lights only work if the stage signal ground is the same as the power ground, apparently. Now that we know this.. no more PSU molex power!

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