Yay we just booked our first and second doses for the vaccine, or first shot is on June 23

I have the most amazing master in the whole Borking world

General disclaimer: If you talk shit about my relationship, you're not my friend, and I'm not talking to you.

*makes cute kitty noises* *then makes cute puppy noises*

Good night *sleepily awooooooooooooooos and does a big stretch yawn and then flops with plushie in pawbs*

A friend told me this fact and it feels like such a thing a furry would tell you as a joke


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my sketch so far for my sona by an artist on Etsy called " popping salts" I love it so far

What if I write a love song called "hold my baby" and then I substitute the lyrics with a parody about a mom who is constantly bugging people to hold her baby even if they decline

Oh no I had a Mike's hard peach lemonade, 2 shots of sour puss raspberry, and total 4 shots of peach snaps, I'm officially drimkey the drumk pup.

Parents MH- rant pt4 

She also said that it takes time to use new names and pronouns.
My thoughts:
Well there's a difference in actually trying to use different names and pronouns and not trying at all and just assuming that is like what a "phase" that I'm going through also it is incredibly hard for me to talk to these people about problems or emotions because theyre response is "oh this is your breaks from your bpd talking not our SON" now again I'm female prefer she is it really that hard.

Parents MH- rant pt 3 

So she says "I get it. Please respect the fact that we chose your name, love it, it is special to us and change is hard."
My current thoughts:
Well first up this isn't your decision and this isn't about you. Don't try to guilt trip me into keeping the name that they gave me. IDC that that's the name that they gave me. I'm tired of this.
She then posts to Facebook saying that it is a transition for the parents as well.

Parents MH- rant pt 2 

So then my partner tells me that not only has she been misnaming me but she has also been misgendering me consistently. So my partner sends out a public message on face Book explaining that purposefully misgendering and misnaming your trans kids is transphobic. So I then send my mom a text saying "I need you to respect the fact that I have made a decision to change my name and gender plz respect that".

Parents MH- rant 

So last night I responded to a text from my mom asking me how the interview with Amazon went. I told her that I cancelled well in advanced because it is too difficult to get to without a car. She then comes back with "oh (my name that my parents gave me). oh no.
So that could jeopardize chances of any other offer coming."
My current thoughts:
So first off no it wouldn't "jeopardize" anything I didn't get an offer because I cancelled my interview. So get off my case.

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