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Still looking for an artist that can draw my character, Sebastian, in a really manly way.

Best would be in a similar style to, but it is no requirement. I just like his style, but the requirement is that Sebastian looks /manly/ in the picture.

If you know someone that's open, let me know!

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I wonder if people would appreciate it if I posted more horny on public (with CW of course)

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For people coming here, what you can expect, is the musings of a skunk boy.

Also rather lots of NSFW talk (with CW) and similar.

Also I am a sub, so be prepared for dom/sub talk and well, being teased by a sub sometimes~

If you want more general stuff about me, follow me over at @maxinered

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Need more energy so I can write out some kink tease stuff

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Right now really horny and nobody around who could tease me, ugh

sorry for boosting, but that one is pretty important to me

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really horny lately and it's frustrating to not really have people to engage with it

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