Lain fanart, drawn ec 

Hoping praying etc that I don't find any more reasons to reupload this again

#SerialExperimentsLain #lain #MastoArt

So I’m playing Hellblade and lemme tell ya the mental stuff is interesting. Need more thoughts from other brain weird people like me tho

made a DMMD self-insert just so I could have an orchid mantis allmate

Lost my fursona on my old phone so that is bugging me a lil

My picture is only Zenitsu because I can’t draw fur zenitsu

Story idea, horror? (2) 

The blood that comes out becomes the new outfit. The transformation sequence is ended by the hero placing their head back on, which causes the outfit to melt away (revealing the regular clothes they'd been wearing) and shlorp back up to magically stitch the head back on.

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Story idea, horror? 

Magical girl-esque story called Dullahan where to unlock their magical powers, rather than a cute transformation sequence, the hero must be decapitated in some fashion.

I’m just gonna post my fun song drafts here if that’s ok?

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