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Also before I head off for the night I might as well make an

I'm a who's super into technology. Specifically and

I also am a nerd, and watch from time to time.

I'm Australian, I love meeting new people and .

Looking for accounts to follow that match my interest.

My twitter is at: and my telegram is
My blog is at

🐾 :heart_sparkles_pride: 🐱

Ran in the smoke to reach a tram stopped and they refused to open the door, the light when green and they fucked off.

my new years resolution is 1x1. anything bigger is too complex.

the first time microsoft betrayed me was when i bumped my xbox 360 while viva pinata trouble in paradise was in the disc drive, causing the xbox to scratch the disc and render it unreadable forevermore

this is the beginning of my linux user origin story

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