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Also before I head off for the night I might as well make an

I'm a who's super into technology. Specifically and

I also am a nerd, and watch from time to time.

I'm Australian, I love meeting new people and .

Looking for accounts to follow that match my interest.

My twitter is at: and my telegram is
My blog is at

🐾 :heart_sparkles_pride: 🐱

God, just remembered the time I forgot to close some yiff, and my brother used my computer and alt tabbed into the window.

Fun fact: he forgot about that and didn't know I was a furry.

So outlook in web has an interesting feature.

When an emal contains the word "congrats", it'll shoot confetti when you open it.

There really isn't any limit to how many you can have go off at once.

"chromium-bsu sure is a weird name for the chromium package on ubuntu, but oh well"

I'm so happy with how it turned out, I cannot wait to start suiting.
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Faxy is finished!!

This pink(ish) panther is ready to play!

The "first" official Wild Dog Works suit out of the shop! 😁

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Hearts on butts and rainbow tail loops


>"I'll just go for a quick easy ddr set since I'm in flanel"
>proceeds to play the legend of max and max 300 on extra stage

So my work took us out for lunch, but there's no reception here and I'm not feeling social.

Yall ever just get socialed out?

I tried to do the melbourne furry bar meet, but I've left early so I can go home and recharge.

Get into my pjs, watch some anime, and just chill with my cats.

This is the best meeting.

We've already hit meeting bingo, and it's just the application devs trying to blame their application breaking on our infrastructure while the client is siding with us.

It's beautiful.

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