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Also before I head off for the night I might as well make an

I'm a who's super into technology. Specifically and

I also am a nerd, and watch from time to time.

I'm Australian, I love meeting new people and .

Looking for accounts to follow that match my interest.

My twitter is at: and my telegram is
My blog is at

🐾 :heart_sparkles_pride: 🐱

Remember to label things correctly

This is an old commission, but I had no idea it was done till recently, then spent ages searching for it.

My character has tits in it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Me: Uploads high quality image for my twitter banner

So I went to a gaming bar, made some art on a pillow and played incineroar with the screen name "uwu"

Sometimes I just wanna give in and be furry trash.

My train just went past bright pink graffiti that said "daddy's girl"

I am lost for words


Got all the way to the final interview, but I did not get the position.

I take it back, you can still just overwrite ~/.bashrc and easily escape the sandbox.

All this effort, thwarted so easily.

So... I'm considering trying flatpak. Not sure about it's security though.

It's got some very nice ideas, but the static libraries make me un-easy.

but maybe it might work for sandboxing telegram. Anyone got any opinions on flatpak?

What is with suddenly packages can't have their dependencies resolved in DNF? What's going on with fedora?

This isn't a 3rd party repo.

> Another problem was System 7's large "memory footprint": System 6 could boot the system from a single 800k floppy disk and took up about 600 KB of RAM, whereas System 7 used well over a megabyte.

Oh wow, 25 years ago we were complaining about +400KB memory increase, now look how many gigabytes we need to run Slack, Chromium and Atom at the same time

Today has just been a heck. Depression taking hold really bad.

I'm not mad at this years election results, just disappointed.

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