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Also before I head off for the night I might as well make an

I'm a who's super into technology. Specifically and

I also am a nerd, and watch from time to time.

I'm Australian, I love meeting new people and .

Looking for accounts to follow that match my interest.

My twitter is at: and my telegram is
My blog is at

🐾 :heart_sparkles_pride: 🐱

The only truly stable system, is a bricked system.

*pulls out sledgehammer*

Karens are the backbone of this country

Who else will shout at store clerks because they refuse to admit their own fault?

Who else will drive a 4WD in the suburbs dropping their kids off at soccer practice.

Without Karens the world would be a different, probably better, place.
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A middle aged white woman finding out the employee she’s talking to IS the manager 😪

Yeah, I'm a ZOOMER, get it right.
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Friendly reminder that millenials are starting to turn 40 soon..... stop referring to children as millenials. Kthxbye

ok so I've been battling this really nasty bug for the past few days.

I was trying everything I could think of to help alleviate the symptoms, with paracetamol and menthol drops

Except I forgot that cold and flu medicine exists.

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@[email protected] Having an argument with a neon coloured husky about hashes is very 2019

I just catted /dev/random and on the last bit there was an 'owo'

I am happy

I like that when you're sick and you initially wake up it'll either be the worst you'll feel all day, or the best.

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A vulnerability in AMD Radeon GPU cards can let you escape VMWare virtual machines, from a guest OS to host OS

Pretty scary thing. It's been patched now.

Note to self: Never book a flight 3 days before.

That's $400 I'm never getting back

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Stop talking about how bad free software is

android is AWESOME



xfce is POPULAR


7zip is USEFUL

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A 10 year old with 22 years of experience. Ash is what every employer is looking for now.

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