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So, who's excited for the new year this ?

(📷 by OlefinTheHusky on Twitter)

First time at this job that I have to be in today. Let's see how this goes…

Did a quick check and seems I'll be getting a nicely-sized tax refund this Feb. Before RRSP contributions.

Curious question for the cats out there:

What are your thoughts on BOXing Day?

Just got out of the Spiderverse movie. Wow that trip…

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@rkniner Some recent examples of my G-rated art, with a couple pooltoy and TF pics

Hey everyone, my name is Richard K Niner, or RK for short.

I'm a doggo from Toronto who likes to fursuit, draw, and occasionally snap photos or watch sports, though I know better than to bore most of you with that last one.

...and for anyone wondering who this is, my previous account is @rkniner

Decided to try moving off the main instance; let's see how this goes...

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