There's something weird about watching a trailer for a movie set in Philadelphia when you recognize exactly where half the shots were taken in Toronto.

How to dress for today's weather: in fursuit

Is it still a mime routine if the glass is actually there?

📷Dracore64 on Twitter

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Brb, looking up prices for spontaneous trips to SJ

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🎵 You've got the touch!
You've got the powerrrrrrrr!🎵

Yeah, I guess I spent watching a TF movie. That was fun

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Hang on, my phone is reminding me of the first con I got to fursuit at. Hard to believe it's only been 4 years…

(For perspective, I've been in this fandom for almost 15)

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Random thought: would huskies make a great curling team?

Probably a good idea to keep RK away from fire stones

It may seem chilly today, but here's to warmer days on the horizon

📷By kakurady, taken during WTFur in 2017

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