Thanks to video footage I've been able to confirm: 133 fursuiters in the ! Thanks for coming out!


When you're trying to get to work and the wind is not cooperating

📷 AkiZenko

Good morning! Who's ready for another ?

Starting off with this photobooth pic from

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Loving how my phone is reminding me of last year () to help deal with being over

Less than 3 hours until the

Remember we meet in front of Frontenac at 11. Can any handlers arrive 15 minutes earlier?

Hey ! Were you all ready for today's fursuit walk?

We regret to inform you that due to the weather it has been POSTPONED to Saturday at 11 am. Seeya tomorrow!

Saturday is looking like it's gonna be a better day for walkies, so come join the Saturday at 11am!

It's Pi Day, so half-dozen mini-πs (okay, butter tarts) acquired.

50% off because their sell-by date is tomorrow, but planning to devour them today. Anyone want?

Due to inclement weather, the fursuit walk has been RESCHEDULED to Saturday at 11am

Update your calendars and seeya there!

T minus 72 hours until we take outside for the ! Who's ready?

Seeya Friday at 4pm!

4 days left until the !
Join us for our third annual convention furwalk through downtown Toronto.

Don't have a fursuit? We still need handlers to help everyone find where they need to go, and we still love those photos you take!

The walk departs Friday at 4pm!

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