Just bought myself a birthday present, so I guess this is a list of things to look forward to this year:

ANE (Anthro New England, Boston) - Feb 20-25
FE (Furnal Equinox, Toronto) - Mar 14-17
FE (Fur-Eh, Edmonton) - Jun 13-17
CanFURence (Ottawa) - Aug 1-5 (probably)

Okay, that last one isn't quite confirmed yet, as I still have to figure out accomodations and travel, but I still expect to make the trip that long weekend.

Looking forward to the two cons I added this year; the extended stay in Boston should give me the opportunity to explore I was missing on my shorter stay three years ago. And Fur-Eh will be a brand new con for me that I won't even have to leave Canada to attend (also, $110 CAD/night is pretty darn cheap relative to some other places; that's like 80 Freedom Bucks to the 'murricans!). Not as long a stay planned, but will likely still spend a good chunk of time being a tourist.

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