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Hey everyone, my name is Richard K Niner, or RK for short.

I'm a doggo from Toronto who likes to fursuit, draw, and occasionally snap photos or watch sports, though I know better than to bore most of you with that last one.

Thanks to video footage I've been able to confirm: 133 fursuiters in the ! Thanks for coming out!


When you're trying to get to work and the wind is not cooperating

📷 AkiZenko

Good morning! Who's ready for another ?

Starting off with this photobooth pic from

if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

Always remember to pre-heat your snout before booping!

Animator: JibKodi

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Loving how my phone is reminding me of last year () to help deal with being over

A route change like that would avoid the crossing at Bay/Queen's Quay, as well as the multiple crossings (Simcoe/Queen's Quay, Simcoe/Lakeshore, Simcoe/Bremner, York/Bremner, Bay/Lakeshore and Bay/Harbour) of the existing route.

So we'd save on waiting time as everyone gets held up at lights, and simplify the work con security provided at the last minute this year. And that was a lifesaver.

Anyone else have thoughts?

For starters, I'm going to need more helpers, and get them aboard earlier.

Probably should get a loudspeaker as well.

And if this group is going to be that big, guess we should do more to avoid traffic lights. Maybe start on the hotel side and walk down the driveway, or drop Roundhouse Park in favour of HTO Park. The Music Gardens might be a bit far though.

Just went back and check the number of fursuiters we had at each Furnal Equinox event since we started running it in 2017.

We had 42 that first year
We had 46 last year
HOW did we get 130 this year!?

Was it returning to a route with less road-crossing? With short variations that were more accessible? Was it moving to Saturday (admittedly a last-minute change due to the weather)?

If we can expect that size, things will have to change next year...

Less than 3 hours until the

Remember we meet in front of Frontenac at 11. Can any handlers arrive 15 minutes earlier?

Me when the internet is spotty: I showed you my packets please respond

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