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Hey everyone, my name is Richard K Niner, or RK for short.

I'm a doggo from Toronto who likes to fursuit, draw, and occasionally snap photos or watch sports, though I know better than to bore most of you with that last one.

1) Is the airport open?
2) Should the airport even BE open right now?

It's a bit busier at the furry terminal. Not by much though

Yes, that spelling is intentional. Locals can probably guess why

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Noticed the YRT buses got new fare card readers; much like the old first-, green readers, it flashes how much it's deducting to board.

So why, again, do none of the Presto readers that they gave the TTC do that?

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Decided to take a look at this "furrylife dot online", and I have no idea how to use it - there's way too much going on

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