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Hey everyone, my name is Richard K Niner, or RK for short.

I'm a doggo from Toronto who likes to fursuit, draw, and occasionally snap photos or watch sports, though I know better than to bore most of you with that last one.

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birdsite mention, bofa, screenshot contains NFL team name with slur 

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Glancing out my window at the construction next door to see they just started installing a green roof on the podium. It's a storey below me and probably 60 feet away…

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furry art, masks, Q 

nude furry art, hypno, genitals 

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Okay, just watched last night's episode of a weekly current events comedy show.

Somehow, I wasn't expecting full frontal furry nudity...

Realized that I've been spending a lot more downtime lying in bed, so I figured I'd get it some new linens

After a couple sleeps, why didn't I do this earlier?


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