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I love my parents. They’re trans accepting leftist Christians who will stand up trumpers in their church spaces and online. I helped start to push them to where they are today but they have kept going. I’m very lucky to have them.

@fluxom_alt "And I'm Slightly Past The Expiration Date Chinese Food. We've got a great show ahead of us."

@BestGirlGrace Hello and welcome to this episode of Lunches We Still Regret, I'm your host That Probably Safe Tuna Sandwich

ponyville is a village with one bear, a smattering of twinks, and a whole lotta lesbians

Q: doesn't twilight have that straight thing going on with flash sentry
A: twilight and sunset are lesbian princesses, read between the lines

Future generations will never know just how much iTunes really whipped the llama’s ass


Medium Article Outlining how Transgender Women Especially are often Ostracized by our so-called LGBT+ Allies 

Wage-slavery or starvation? - That's not a choice, it's a threat!

I wish people would quit assuming my interest in decentralization is based on privacy concerns. There are lots of things that are much higher priorities:

• Censorship resistance.
• Resilience. An entire library of content/social graph isn't destroyed because of a change in corporate focus.
• Evolution. Protocols can change more when not under a single administrative domain of control, and in ways that meet the interests of user communities rather than productization committees.
• Flexibility. Since things are decentralized anyway, it's much harder for the system to ossify in a way that relies on one particular family of devices.
• Namespacing. Being able to 'reserve your brand' across all social graphs is an antifeature.

self care is me staying up all night instead of risking a nightmare, i am going to do so many self cares tonight

Christmas/Xmas/Holiday Advice for LGBT people and those who struggle with their families. 

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