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lewd trashpost 

its the year after 2019

The year 2020 is brought to you by yiff dot life


From the burdsite. 



I love my parents. They’re trans accepting leftist Christians who will stand up trumpers in their church spaces and online. I helped start to push them to where they are today but they have kept going. I’m very lucky to have them.

@fluxom_alt "And I'm Slightly Past The Expiration Date Chinese Food. We've got a great show ahead of us."

@BestGirlGrace Hello and welcome to this episode of Lunches We Still Regret, I'm your host That Probably Safe Tuna Sandwich

ponyville is a village with one bear, a smattering of twinks, and a whole lotta lesbians

Q: doesn't twilight have that straight thing going on with flash sentry
A: twilight and sunset are lesbian princesses, read between the lines

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Future generations will never know just how much iTunes really whipped the llama’s ass


Medium Article Outlining how Transgender Women Especially are often Ostracized by our so-called LGBT+ Allies 

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