IF ANYONE in king coynty washington needs a roommate i have no power and no heating so id really like to move asap please dm me

for context, im subletting and the person who owns the place left and wont pay the bills despute me paying her so i need a place thats not gonna fuck me over like that
i have a job, and money, and all that shit, just really REALLY Need a new long term place

i got tricked so i guess if yall know snyone else looking for a roommatw o have like a week to move out please im desperate

@psxbunny Personally, I'd 1st see a lawyer (a cheap one will suffice or maybe a CAB person) to determine that the place is no longer fit for habitation, then with that in hand, withhold payment until your landperson restores basic amenities,

After that you can consider reclaiming rent for past instances where you believe you've overpaid.

I know it's easy for someone far away to say,but don't let them do this to you. make a payment thing here I guess, and people might help

@psxbunny Sorry I'm not great with US law, but this should be pretty universal...

@shivvi i cant rly afford to get a lawyer especially since i dont have legal protections so itd be a waste

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