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in response to a recent insident but not mad at anyone Show more

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my vent is @brokenwings and you're free to follow req but i may deny you.
(this is to pin this btw)

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nsfw shitpost. the worst youve seen me do, like eugh Show more

Y'all ever wish you could uhhhhhhhh not be a huge fucking idiot? no? just me? That's fine

imagine being asshurt at a rabbit lmao program your own goddamn ebook you narc ass motherfucker

A workplace where Casual Friday means everyone spends the day in the buff :D

furrry nudity, a lil blood Show more

there is nothing funnier than giant salamanders they look exactly the way the word "slorp" sounds

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vague, (+) Show more

really feel like bc of my choice in commissions nobody gets that my sona, headcanon wise, is toony as Fuck and has been hit by 2 ton anvils
i gotta be more picky on commissions but usually i just pay ppl i see arent doing well

really fucked up, news about more wypipo youtubers Show more

IF ANYONE in king coynty washington needs a roommate i have no power and no heating so id really like to move asap please dm me

Im tired of having the same convo that ends with "you can enjoy this media critically i guess"

Goblins get a bad rap but i think more people are goblins of the soul than people realize

tumblrs romanticization of mental illness drives me up a fucking wall

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