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So, this is my fursona Cyrene!!! She's a Large Lesbian Lythronax, a species of tyrannosaur closely related to T. rex!! She's a retired bounty huntress and a witch and she lives in the forest with her wife! She brews potions and makes other magical items and sells them in town - a lot of her wares are things that help with self-image and anxiety!

She's also just mischievous and loves to play tricks on people with illusionary magic and give people she likes a sudden big gross dino kiss...

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Hi I'm Queen/Laporte! I'm a big ol trans lesbian dinosaur who loves and adores women and prehistoric critters and prehistoric critter women. I love dinosaurs and space and overall I'm just a literal giant lesbian.

I don't do too much but I am cute and sometime I draw silly things! I also have a very cute and large tyrannosaur sona that you should look at and also I will fistfight Jack Horner to the death and win :lesbian: :ms_transgender_flag:

me when I go online to voice my opinions about cartoons

RAID Array ( the second "Array" is for "Redundant" )

The future is here and everything needs to be destroyed.

(via jwz)

politics and philosophy of the past several thousand years, summarized

I've always considered Light Yagami to be a coward and a class traitor for targeting petty criminals, instead of just going down the list of billionaires one by one, which is the only sensible thing to do with a death note.

NITW, sexual assault, Twitter links 

Telegram leaks identities 

why people on the internetdo a shouting? small letter, small voice, small baby bird. thank u

the 'social' in 'social media' stands for 'you should be forced to listen to my opinions'

jojo shitpost 

consulting my shoulder angel and shoulder devil before posting my horseshit, but they're too busy making out with each other so I'm free to poison the fediverse however I wish

if anyones gonna ask me what mastodon is im just gonna show them this picture

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